Friday, 27 December 2019

AFK Arena MOD APK v1.29.04

AFK Arena MOD APK v1.29.04

AFK or ‘away from keyboard’ are the nightmare of every gamer.

Imagine being in the middle of a ranking battle or fighting a boss, and suddenly, your teammates are AFK, in this case, all that you can do is accept the defeat even that your team had full control of the game.

Introducing AFK arena apk mod

In MOBA “Multiplayer Online Battle Arena’ games, your team must be prepared for the lack of players. Otherwise, you’ll lose against your opponents.

But let’s be honest, sometimes, you have to be AFK, gamers have lives and responsibilities too, and that what makes AFK arena a unique game.

The clever gameplay makes it easy for players to leave the game and pay attention to real-life problems without worrying about game progress or letting their teammates down, in other words, you’ll be able to perform all the gaming tasks while you’re gone.

The Game Story

The events of AFK arena mod apk are taking place in a world called Esperia, beautiful and wealthy land with countless natural resources and wonders.

But this beautiful land hasn’t tasted peace for a long time cause of Hypogeans, an evil force that destroys everything it lands on and spread death and fear to all creatures.

With the help of the Queen, people in Esperia were able to fight against these evil hypogeans fiercely. Nevertheless, the Queen was debilitated, and she had to disappear after a long time of battle against these evil creatures.

Now that the Queen is gone, evil rises again, and this time, it’s your duty to fight and maintain peace in the land.

The Gameplay


AFK ARENA is not about AFK players playing a match while no one is online, that would be boring, right?

AFK Arena Mod apk gameplay is, in fact, quite exciting, all that you have to do is gather your team of heroes and upgrade your army, and they will fight in your side and keep gaining experience points and saving the kingdom while you’re gone.

AFK arena contains numerous challenges and quests, so you and your army have many opportunities to earn points and weapon upgrades.

In this MOBA game, your team will continue to fight and collect wealth and treasures, so when you return, a lot of surprises will be waiting for you.



So, curious, so know the heroes that are going to help you in your journey?

Well, the developers of AFK Arena mod apk have created 50 heroes, yes that’s right, and all the heroes look like glass artworks with a thoroughly details motions, thus, giving the game a unique and elegant style.

The characters are not randomly designed; there are a story and a cultural diversity behind each hero, such as Celtic, gothic, and medieval.

We know that choosing your teammates from 50 different heroes can be overwhelming and quite tricky, but here are some tips that will help you decided efficiently:

  • Legendary heroes like Saveas are suitable to pass the very first levels of the game
  • Once you become capable of gathering more members, we recommend choosing aggressive heroes like Brutus, this kind of player can block damage and keep the team going.
  • Avoid using heroes of the same fraction, it can be risky and will reduce the amount of valuable reward that you might be getting.



Although AFK Arena’s AFK Arena Mod apk  design is pretty simple, it is still shown to the player elegantly.

Generally, you’re just going to sit and see the AI play by itself. However, the excellent graphics of the game can make this quite enjoyable.

Charmingly simulated players with an artistic style usually found in role-playing games.

The character’s ability effect is one of the leading pros of AFK Arena. The simulated events are remarkably magnificent, with diverse tactics. Also, the sound is highly suitable for the context of each play.


With the newest update, AFK Arena is now more striking than ever.

  • The update features
  • 4 New heroes
  • 4 New faction towers
  • 60 new campaign levels
  • Extra time mountain
With these updates, even old players will have to spend some time learning these new skills, so they don’t lose their progress in the game.

Whether you work full time, want to spend time with your family or watch a movie, rest assured that your heroes will be fighting to rescue Esperia and help you climb your way to top ranking while you’re gone.

Final thoughts

AFK Arena mod apk level up regularly, even when you are ‘AFK”, so you can still gain a lot of experience.

You can also adjust game speed, make it slow down or go faster to control your progress.

Players seem to love AFK arena; the majority of reviews are positive, especially the new genius AFK gameplay provided by Lilith games.

The audience of afk arena are mostly people with busy love, who truly love gaming, the game doesn’t require any money, and you can still earn experience while being busy with your real-life matters.