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Grand Summoners Mod Apk V3.2.0 [Mod Menu]

Grand Summoners Mod Apk V3.2.0 [Mod Menu]

Game Description

grand summoners mod apk is an excellent pixel RPG featuring breathtaking fights and instinctive directions.

Register now, and your original Summon is confirmed to be a Unique Evolution Unit!
Once you finish the tutorial to get used to the primary game mechanics, you can pick one of the three powerful Blade Masters.

Also, it may be useful to reroll for a high range and super Rare (aka HR) competent unit(s).
To check which units are worth looking for, check the recommendation section.

You can always reroll for hyper rare units, which can be obtained once you reach five stars
Many online communities are available in grand summoners mod apk, so make sure to join some of them to develop your gameplay experience.

This game revolves around cooperating with other players, so this may be a great chance to make new friends.

You can find the official online communities in Reddit and Facebook.

How to get started in grand summoners apk mod ?

Once you learn the basics of the gameplay, you should start playing through the storyline and have some fun.

Playing through the storyline will be very beneficial to get a better perspective of the units you’re using, also, to understand your enemies and the weapon range better.

After you get comfortable with the gameplay of grand summoners, start enhancing your units (level up), this helps you address more advanced and challenging quests.

We recommend you to farm for growth material to develop your units.

Units are classified into five groups, which determine their performance and how to use them.

Attacker-type units

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These units are excellent for battles; they have moderate Hp, high attack, and low defense.
As an attacker, you need to break your enemy’s attack pattern and cause a significant amount of damage.

Supporter units

These types of units are less powerful than the previous ones.

However, supporters units have moderate hp, attack, and defense, so they can be considered as second-grade attackers since they cause less damage to your enemies.

Supported units help you win your battle in grand summoners apk mod; they can freeze your enemy or support fire gauge. The majority of these units contain an attack hole as well as an assist hole.

Breaker units

These units can cause more damage to your enemies since they break up the gauge of bosses.
Breaker units have a high Attack, and moderate HP and defense.

Please keep in mind that these breakers may be a bit difficult to control due to their short skill range, but they are critical in some fights.

Healer units

These units are made to heal and restore your HP.

Healers have Low attack, and high defense and hp, it’s essential to use healer units at the beginning of the game while you can’t fight the bosses

Defense units

These units are the shield of your team; they block enemy damage.

Defense units have low attack and high defense.


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Every unit has a dynamic ability, which can be triggered by touching the screen while the unit skill measure is full.

These cause more damage to your enemies than a normal attack, also, when you use an active skill, the unit will stop any action, and you’ll have a more extensive attack range.

The bosses

In grand summoners mod apk, the boss usually has five orbs which he charges, once the orbs are fully charged, he will launch a massive attack.

In this case, you only have two option: the first one is to interrupt him, which may or may not work; the second option is breaking the boss.

Once you break the boss, your damage will increase by 1.25, and you’ll prevent him from charging the orbs.

You can interrupt the boss either by freezing him or by using your unit skills and arts.

How to obtain units?

You can obtain the units by using two ways, either from the Gacha (vending machine) or from quests.
You need five crystal for a single purchase from the gacha.

You need to have at least 3 hyper rare, which may be a bit challenging, so make sure to do a lot of invasion quests.


Grand Summoners gameplay apk

The most comfortable and most practical way of improving units is to use Chickens.

Using Chicken of the same component as the unit you are levelling is wholly recommended, as this will grant a 50% EXP bonus.

The price of Improvement rises when you level-up, so it is also desirable to enhance all your units while their level is low to reduce costs.

Game Stats

Stat increases your skills and enables you to boost the stats of your units notably.

You’ll have to use Killmons to Improve your states, Killmons can be acquired as a drop from quests.
Each unit has a limit break level that depends on the stat boosts.

Once you acquire a decent amount of levelled units in grand summoners mod apk, you’ll be able to start your boss quests and enjoying the story.

You can always join rooms when you run out of ST to get some; this is free and highly recommended.

Moreover, joing rooms allows you to make new friends and accomplish relationship rewards, which can be exchanged for crystals and gems.