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Mafia City Mod Apk V1.3.7 [Unlimited Money] [No Root]

Mafia City Mod Apk V1.3.7 [Unlimited Money] [No Root]

Mafia is the name of a famous and dangerous organization, this powerful organization if full of criminals and extremely dangerous killers.

The organization performs many tasks and illegal activities, so if you want to be a part of this black society, the safest thing to do is download mafia city mod apk.

The Gameplay

You can be the boss, and the leader of these ruthless gangs, fight for power and eliminate all your enemies.

With mafia city, prepare yourself for a real and exciting experience inside the mafia world, players from all around the world are fighting to become the most successful person in this corrupted world.
So are you prepared to participate and climb your way to become the head of mafia?

The Story

mafia city gameplay apk mod

It won’t be challenging to understand the game mechanics, especially if you’re familiar with games like Clash of Clans or Narcos.

You’ll receive a guide at the beginning of the game that will help you understand the features and basic tasks of the game.

You’ll start with a base to be able to perform your essential tasks, after completing the task and earning money, you’ll use that money to upgrade your buildings and add more members to your gang.


One of the most critical things in mafia city mod apk is reputation and power status.

In the beginning, you’ll face many problems such as being attacked by other gangs and also, being followed by police forces.

However, once you build a higher reputation, things will become completely different, you’ll be able to attack your enemies, and you won’t have to worry about police anymore.

It is not easy to build and maintain a good reputation in mafia city apk mod, and that’s what makes it an exciting game.

The Main Base

The very first task in mafia city is upgrading your main base; only then you’ll be allowed to use other buildings that have a higher level.

In mafia city mod apk, buildings are an essential part of the game, you need to build many places, and each site will have its unique role.

For example, a training center is where you train your bandits, and a hospital is where your gang members heal after they get injured.

You can’t become a senior mafia boss or build a high reputation in the city without the help of other gangs.


mafia city graphics

Building alliances with other organizations is a critical element of mafia city; by doing so, you’ll get many benefits, which all leads to strengthening your gang and become more powerful.

You’ll have to be very careful and always plan your move and strategies.

The only rule in mafia city is there is no mercy; all your enemies are waiting for you to make mistakes. They take everything from you.

Mafia city mod apk has a massive number of players varied across different countries.
Show no mercy and remember, if you don’t destroy your enemy, your enemy will crush you tomorrow.


mafia city mod hack

The developers of the game did a quite good job in graphics.

By using 3D unity technologies, the developers of mafia city did a great job of giving the user realistic game experience.

The gameplay has many features like zoom in, zoom out, 360-degree angles, and other great highlights.

Mafia city mod apk is a highly rated game due to its amazing graphics and exciting gameplay.
Join the battle now, build your base, and fight other gangs to become the boss and earn respects.
The game is available on IOS and android, and it’s entirely free for download.

Features of Mafia City mod apk

The new mafia city hack comes with various new and amazing features such as:

  • First rank position in global tournaments, even when the competition finishes.
  • New sound effects
  • More special effects
  • Share your position on Facebook when you rank number 1 in the Tournament.
  • Daily extra spin.
  • New updated interface.
  • The takeover: the takeover will cost less if you were leading the clan for a long time.
  • A tick will be shown right next to the person who gives you a red envelope.
  • Click on the mayor’s position on the interface page to see the mayor’s buff.

Download mafia city mod apk

  • Game: Mafia City
  • Version: 1.3.759
  • Developer: YottaGames
  • MOD: Unlimited coins / gold
  • ROOT: Not needed