Wednesday, 1 January 2020

AVG Cleaner Pro 4.14.0 [Mod Apk] [Unlocked]

AVG Cleaner Pro 4.14.0 [Mod Apk] [Unlocked]

A slow mobile phone is the nightmare of any person; imagine that you’re phone getting slow and starts freezing whenever you start working on it.

This problem occurs when there is a lot of junk files and viruses n your android mobile.
Despite the huge number of mobile apps that clean your phone and make it work faster, avg cleaner pro mod apk will always be the number 1.

AVG Cleaner Pro

avg cleaner mod interface

Avg cleaner pro is a very useful application that helps android users to get rid of junk files and speed up their phone.

There are two editions of Avg Cleaner, A pro version, and a normal free version.

Of course, the pro version comes with many options and additional features; that’s why people prefer the pro version.

However, avg cleaner pro mod apk is quite expensive, and since many of you are not ready to pay, we will show you how to get the avg cleaner pro mod apk with all the features for free.

You’re only a few steps away from making your phone run faster and smoother.

Why You Should Use This App?

Just like your computer, after a long time of using mobile applications, a lot of buffer files and junk files get stored in your phone memory,

These files are just a waste of storage space. Moreover, they make your phone slow and affect the performance of your android device.

This is why we need tools like avg cleaner mod apk in order to clean our phones from these malicious files and make it run faster.

Key Features

Some of the great features of AVG Cleaner for android are:

  • Cleaning Junk files.
  • Optimize images
  • Save storage space
  • Create various battery modes
  • Save your battery power and make it last longer.
  • Delete preinstalled apps – Delete preinstalled apps to free space and increase the performance of your android phone.
  • More space – Discard junk files, Remove apps, and delete undesired pictures and videos
  • Enhance performance – Use Avg Cleaner pro mod apk to clear cache, delete junk files, and recognize apps that are lagging your mobile (RAM Cleaner & memory booster)
  • More extended battery life – Avg Cleaner’s battery-saving highlight aids in enhancing your device’s battery lifetime
  • Hibernate apps – Put background apps into hibernation to increase battery life and spare mobile data
  • System info – Get All your phone information.
  • File manager – Smart File Manager & updated Storage Cleaner can examine pictures, files, and apps to help you increase your mobile performance
  • Junk files Cleaner – Clean out any worthless junk files from your Phone e.g., cache and hidden app data.

Battery Saver

avg cleaner pro mod apk battery

The battery saver feature informs you about which app and activities and consuming your battery power; this way, you can make some modifications to limit this battery usage.

Also, you can set 4 batter profiles like work, driving, and home; by doing this, you will be able to switch between the profiles easily for every situation.

This app contains a user-friendly interface and a huge number of great features; this is the perfect tool for you to improve the performance of your android device.

Avg Cleaner has reached more than 10 million downloads on Google Play Store with thousands of positive reviews.

The company charges 1.99$ monthly for the pro version of this app.

AVG Cleaner Pro Mod apk feature

avg cleaner pro features

We have promised you to bring the latest and updated version of Avg cleaner pro, well here it is.

You can benefit from all the features in the pro version for free without any additional costs.

That’s not all, our developers worked hard to add more features, so here are some of the features of avg cleaner pro mod apk:

  • Benefit from all the features of the pro version for free.
  • No ads at all.
  • Delete or disable unwanted services.
  • Crashlytics and analytics have been disabled.
  • Improved graphics.

Finally, AVG cleaner mod apk is one of the most useful apps that should be on every android phone.
It’s not only the easiest app to manage, but it also provides effective battery usage to extend the lifetime of your battery and make it last much longer.

The app is available on Google play store, but if you want to benefit from all the great features of the pro version, download the app from here.

Download AVG Cleaner pro mod apk

  • App: Avg Cleaner Pro
  • Version: 4.4.0
  • Developer: AVG
  • MOD: Pro
  • ROOT: Not needed