Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Damon Ps2 android Emulator Pro apk V3.0 [Cracked]

Damon Ps2 android Emulator Pro apk V3.0 [Cracked]

Presently, thanks to technological development, skilled engineers have developed a damon ps2 pro emulator that enables enthusiastic gamers to keep playing their beloved console games on their mobile devices.

The highest-selling gaming console ever, developed by Sony. After almost two decades since the initial launch, new console games were continuously marketed.

There are +1000 PS2 support games, and more than 1.5 million ps2 emulator apk has been sold.
You can still play PS2 games on your Android device, even if PS2 machines aren’t supported by Sony anymore.

Damon Ps2 android Emulator Pro apk

The only android ps2 emulator

This is the only PS2 emulator on Android. Similar to using the PPSSPP emulator to run PSP games on your smartphone, you can also use the Damon ps2 pro apk cracked to play PS2 video games.

The ps2 emulator android apk will run smoothly on Snapdragon 835\845 (Samsung Galaxy S9\S8\Note 8),

Many games created for PS2 can efficiently run in this framework. DamonPS2 PRO can operate more than 90 percent of PS2 games. However, you may notice some minor graphical errors.

Supports more than 90% of PS2 games

Although it is still in the initial stages, this PS2 emulator enables you to operate more than 90 percent of PS2 games on android phones with a sufficient configuration, which is quite impressive.

Samsung’s S9\ Mi7\ Huawei P10\ Snapdragon 835 and more phones are capable of running PS2 games smoothly by using an android ps2 emulator.

Features of damon ps2 pro apk cracked

High resolution: The very first feature I am struck by is that Damon ps2 pro supports high-resolution games (comparable to 1080p Full HD). So you can play your exciting games at reasonably high graphics.

Maximum speed: Continuous phone hardware innovations led to a significant uprising in user experience. Android phone hardware is now powerful enough to run a ps2 android emulator with performance enhancements smoothly. However, another great feature worth mentioning is the multi-thread optimization.

Compatibility for several ROM formats: You can use different file formats, such as*.iso\ bin\ img\ nrg, instead of a Cd, to play games on your PS2 emulator.

Cheat codes support: Anyone familiar with PS2 will know what a cheat code is for sure. Enter cheat codes and obtain exceptional game effects.

The damonPS2 simulator will run 90% of all the PS2 Console games with frames per second higher than 50 (50FPS+).

After years of trial and error on SnapDragon 660 (or Geekbench4’s Android device that has single-core performance better than 1600).

Moreover, the developers also wanted the app to be an actual PS2 machine and to have a compatible simulator that could work well with full scale (60FPS+).

Hardware requirements:

Android 5.0 +
OpenGL ES 3.0 +

As this is a phone emulator, it necessitates a fairly high level of the configuration so that you can play the game without interruption. Make sure your device is sufficiently configured to run the ps2 emulator apk.

The frame will freeze, and slow-motion would be inescapable if you play games on poorly configured devices.

Furthermore, the optimization of the emulator is not finished yet, since it is Android’s first ps2 android emulator. So, not every device would be compatible; some games may be hard to play or even lagging with extremely high settings.

Consequently, every two weeks, the publisher releases an update of the best ps2 emulator android. Make sure to update your application regularly and report your bugs so that it can be corrected.

MFi units

You will be able to play console games on your mobile by using this app. This means you will not be able to control the game with a separate physical MFi unit.

All control activities are performed through emulation images right on the smartphone monitor.
Damon ps2 emulator gives players an incredibly high ability for each user to configure the app with his mobile device.

Supported Features: 

  • High resolution (1080p HD) 
  • Multi-Theme Acceleration 
  • Supported NEON Acceleration  
  • Multi-format game ROM, Include the following: -.iso\bin\imG\nrg\nrg\
  • Cheat-Codes
  • Frame-Skip
  • No-BIOS startup 
  • 16:9 Mode
  • Mipmap
  • Vibration of Gamepad 
  • Memory Card files
  • 90% of PS2 games are fully compatible

There are no advertisements in this application, and it is free of charge. If you’re enthusiastic about PS2, don’t hesitate on buying the Google Play app or download damonps2 pro apk on the following link.

Download Damon Ps2 Pro

  • App: DAMON PS2 Android Emulator Pro
  • Version: 3.0
  • Developer: Damon Ps2
  • MOD: Pro
  • ROOT: Not needed