Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Deezer Premium Apk Mod Download (Updated)

Deezer Premium Apk Mod Download (Updated)

Music streaming App for Android

Listen to the newest Music albums with Deezer Premium Apk, the app contains more than 50 million of the best and trending songs, alongside with albums specially made to fit your mood, the app also have a lot of great features like the ability to download songs with high quality, as well as to listen to your favorite songs offline.

What is Deezer

With more than 10 million subscribers from 180 countries, Deezer music apk had become one of the most popular music streaming apps in the world, the app is considered as a ruthless competitor to Spotify and Pandora music.

Deezer Free vs. premium

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Generally, you can download the app for free from the Google play store. Still, in order to benefit from the premium features, you need to buy a monthly subscription worth of 9$. Also, the app provides a family package of 14.99$ that allows you to share your subscription with your family members.
I get it, you already know all of that, in fact, and you would not be here if you were not searching for a free premium version of Deezer that contains all the premium features, free of cost.
We got you, we provide the latest MOD APK for Deezer, allowing you to enjoy all the premium benefits for free.

 Deezer: a better user experience

When comparing to other streaming platforms, Deezer premium apk offers the best user experience by allowing their users to create custom playlists known as Flow; these great features help you find great songs and albums based on your search preferences and the type of music you usually listen to.

Features of Deezer premium apk

The apk mod we provide contains all the main features found in Deezer premium such as

Millions of songs and podcasts

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Deezer includes an enormous music store with more than 50 million copyrighted songs, and more than 40 000 podcasts on various platforms, moreover, the trending songs are quickly added to the app, so you don’t have to wait to enjoy your favorite new songs.

Flow feature

We all know how frustrating it can be to look for new great songs. Still, with the flow feature from Deezer premium apk, by one single click, you can have a playlist that contains your favorite songs mixed with other great music and recommendations based on your taste and the type of music you enjoy. This feature creates an infinite stream of great music thoughtfully chosen for you.

Customizable playlists

lyrics features
List creation and storage have become much more comfortable with Deezer premium apk; you can randomize your favorite songs as well as receive music suggestions based on the playlists you have created and the type of music you usually enjoy.


Just like Spotify, Deezer apk allows you to display the lyrics and sing along with your favorite songs, even if you’re listening to a song on the radio, you can still show the lyrics, so you make sure that you won’t be singing with the wrong words.

Choose your favorite channels

If you’re struggling to find great songs that suit your mood and taste, Deezer premium apk allows you to choose song from various channels like hip hop, Rock and roll, Indie, and more. You can save your favorite channels and enjoy listening to them anytime.

Download your favorite music

offline feature

What if you want to listen to some music, but your phone has no internet connection?
Don’t worry, Deezer premium apk got your back; you can download your favorite songs, store them in your device, and enjoy listening to them whenever you like.

Deezer Apk Mod features

In addition to the great features that we have mentioned above, Deezer premium mod offers other great features such as:
  • No ads
  • Skipping songs
  • Remove Google authorization
  • High audio quality ( 320 kbps)
  • Listen offline
  • Skip unwanted radio tracks
  • All premium features
  • Removes unnecessary permissions
  • No crushlytics

How to install Deezer premium apk

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To enjoy all great features of Deezer, you need to buy a premium account; many of the apk’s
As promised, we provide a safe and working version of Deezer with all the great premium features. If you know how to install the modded apk you can move to the download section if you don’t know how to install the mod apk, follow these easy steps:
  • Uninstall the current version of Deezer from your phone
  • Download the apk file we provide
  • The installation wizard will ask for your permission to install apps from unknown sources
  • Go to Settings-> Privacy, find the “Unknown Sources” option then tap to enable it.
  • You are ready to install the apk now

Download Deezer Music Premium (Unlocked)

  • App: Deezer Premium Apk mod
  • Version:
  • Developer: Deezer
  • MOD: Premuim
  • ROOT: Not needed