Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Stardew Valley Apk V1.4.5.137 Updated [Mod / Unlimited Money]

Stardew Valley Apk V1.4.5.137 Updated [Mod / Unlimited Money]

I really don’t want to say this but, lot of people hate farming games. I mean, why shouldn’t they? Most of android farming games are just trying to empty your pockets with cash-grab and pay or wait atrocity.

Luckily, Stardew valley apk aims to restore people’s faith and provide a great gaming experience for people who love farming and adventures.

The game was first released in 2016 on various platforms, later on, the IOS version was launched, and finally, after the remarkable success, the Android version of Stardew valley was released on the play store for 7.99$.

Why is stardew valley so successful?

It is worth mentioning that the game was developed by a single person, Eric Barone, and that’s why it’s considered as one of the best indie-modern games.

Now if you’re an old gamer, probably a millennial, chances are you spent a time of your childhood playing a game called Harvest moon, if you did, then I’m quite happy to let you know that Stardew valley was actually inspired by the harvest moon video game series, so it brings a feeling of nostalgia and good childhood memories.

How to play stardew valley?

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The game starts in a small place called Pelican Town, after choosing your character, you’ll find yourself the new owner of a land and a small house which originally belong to your grandfather, now your first mission is to choose a farm map type in order to start playing.
Boulders, stumps, trees and weeds will start taking over your farm plot, and it’s your job to get rid of them and protect your land as well as using crops and livestock to make money and invest it to expand the buildings and facilities of your farm.
The freedom given to the player is what makes Stardew Valley such an amazing game. If you’re focusing on building up your farm, the game is all about plant and land management, which will definitely satisfy mobile gamers given how popular that RPG genre is on the mobile — but with Stardew Valley, there’s so much more to explore for players.
In addition to planting and harvesting your fields, you can work to level the skills of your character with various means like fishing or foraging in the woods, going to town to socialize and build relationships with the townspeople (and even get married if you want to), or go on a more classical RPG combat-based journey or explore monster-infested mines.

Stardew Valley Apk, is it the same?

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Yes, after spending few hours playing stardew valley, I can honestly say that the developers did a great job in terms of optimization for touch screen devices, which makes the game absolutely enjoyable on mobile devices as it used to be on pc and other platforms.
If you have already played stardew valley mod apk on previous platforms, you won’t notice any difference, the game looks and plays just as the previous versions, moreover, some of stardew valley top fans are giving top marks to the android version after being completely pleased with the gameplay.

How to move on Stardew valley android apk version?

In order to move more comfortably, the game developers suggests two methods which are equally convenient; the first one is by tapping around the screen in order to set waypoints that indicates where your characters should travel, the second movement control is to tap and hold, allowing your character to follow your finger around the screen. Besides, the android version of stardew valley apk comes with a screen zoom that allows the player to have a wider view of the world around him.

The automatic switch, a new features for the mobile version

Remember in the old versions of stardew valley, how frustrating it can be to switch between tools in order to choose the right tool for your mission, well, it seems like players won’t be facing the same issue on the mobile version since the automatic switch allows them to easily switch between tools depending on the task they’re performing. For instance, if a pile of stones comes across your way, just tap on the screen, and you’ll immediately get the right tool to clear your path from the obstacles.

8–Bit graphics and childhood memories

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Stardew valley never fails to bring amazing 8 bit graphics, creating a sense of nostalgia, back when we used to spend the whole day playing on our NES, this is one of the reasons why most of stardrew valley players are millennials, man, the good times.

A game full of secret!

Despite the fact that Stardew valley apk was released years ago on pc, it seems like players haven”t discover all their secrets yet, as Baron mentioned “There is still one or two secrets that haven’t been mentioned yet by any player”.

If you think stardew valley is just a farming game, think again!

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It may appear like a cute and classic farm game, but one thing that all players knows for sure, stardew valley is more than just a game, in fact, the gameplay implies various topics that affect us as a society, for instance, uncontrolled capitalism, mysterious business operations, taxes, conscientious capitalism, and greed, all are present in the game as “hiding messages”.
The main point of the game is to learn how to be a good person, since you can play stardew valley in any way you want, it’s important to keep in mind that being greedy will only make your experience harder, in fact, pursuing your dreams while building relationships and helping other players is what makes the world a better place.

Stardew Valley: The apk mod version

Feature: unlimited money

If you want to make the game even more fun, you can download the stardew valley unlimited money mod, this MOD will help you buy anything you like, just make sure to turn off your internet connection before playing.

A Game worth every penny

Buying this game will probably be the best choice you’d make, the game is a place to find your piece of mind, relax and enjoy a purer world, we have made this article for people who don’t have the means or money to buy the game, so we hope that checklefish will be generous enough to let us share and download this stardew valley apk.